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KB Holds

"Kettlebell Racked Holds are a sure way to test your will"

CrossFit Valley Park has secured it's 4 teams for the November 1st Affiliate Cup Team Competition at CrossFit TNT. There will be 10 or more teams competing for the traveling trophy. There will be teams from CrossFit Valley Park, CrossFit St. Charles, CrossFit New Town, and CrossFit South City. We applaud our member's enthusiasm to participate and all the support from our box. After some practice and skill evaluations we have the following 4 teams. Remember in the future everyone will have a chance to compete as we apply tryouts to determine teams. Keep working hard! Congratulations to everyone and good luck!

Team 1- Mike Shaw, Dan Thacker, Christina Thacker, Natalie Sayers

Team 2- Corey Lewis, Jake Howard, Holly Hogan, Karen Wilson

Team 3- Chris Carrier, Alex Fox, Monica Kunkel, Darby Seymour

Team 4- Bob Rowan, Neil Zimmerman, Kara Funk, Tracy Strubberg

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Ring Dips/Push-ups, Pull-ups/Body Rows


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  1. Rochelle

    awe, the cup???? TNT wants it too? This will be a good one on Sunday! I can't wait to see everyone with all the adrinaline in the air??? It is contageous…

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