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Katy Zwick


Katy Zwick


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CFVP is more than proud to announce Katy Zwick as our latest "Athlete of the Month." For those who don't know her, Katy came to us via the Living Social program in April of 2012. Katy was aqpprehensive about CrossFit to say the least. She was not bursting with self confidence, yet she was determined to make a change in her life. She wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday by having a new person smile at her when she looked into the mirror.

Over sixty pounds have now been shed from her diminutive frame. Katy's attitude is that of determined goal setting and achieving. She always wants to perform movements correctly and with the appropriate progression. Her enthusiasm is contagious. It's a blast to have her in a class from a member's and a coach's standpoint.

Congratulations Katy!!!

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