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Josh Clean

Josh Clean 2

Josh Nimmo paid us to feature his pic for another post. All kidding aside, this sequence of pics has a valuable lesson.

You need to develop adequate flexibility to properly rack a barbell. During front squats and cleans the elbows must be high to maintain solid contact on the shoulders and to keep the weight over your base.

In the first pic Josh has the bar solidly racked as he ducked under a #300 clean. The second pic shows how the weight pulled him a bit forward and the elbows dropped just a little. However, that was just  enough for him to miss the lift. You will get away with poor positioning when working with light weight. As you get stronger and the weights go up, you must fight for positioning. Keep working on  your flexbility.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Weighted Step-ups 5 X 8 (each leg). Alternate with Push Press 5 X 5.

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  1. jake

    nimmo on back to back days??? he officially just earned the title of "site slut". congrats josh, you've worked hard for this one.

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