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Jerry Is Kinda Strong


Jerry Is Kinda Strong


Check out Jerry Schwartz. This big man can throw some weight around. Pull-ups? Handstand push-ups? No problem. He even loves to run. Great work Jerry.

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  1. Margaret

    haha Tonya, I was gonna say the same thing!! Put some freaking weight on that bar! That went up waaaaayyyy too easy. Just sayin…..but decent work none the less 🙂

  2. MShaw

    315 push press with ease?
    "Loves to run"??
    WIKI definition of 'Juggernaut'
    "A juggernaut, in colloquial English usage is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable, also known as Jerry"

    I think Jerry and Thacker should have a jerk off…errr that doesn't sound right.

  3. BMJ

    Ok…I'm convinced Shaw is an alcoholic. I'm guessing Jerry could push press around #340. If he has technique with the Jerk, I'm guessing #375. Maybe more. I'll wait until I grow up to challenge that.

  4. Mike D


    That is the last thing I would want to see…ever. I would like to know what jerry did before crossfit. Economy class car tossing? You are wicked strong.

  5. Jenny

    For the record your wife tries to throw away the shirts, socks, etc. with holes when you're not looking! (Love, your wifey)

    Tim, we're moving on from economy class car throwing to tank tossing. Anyone know where to buy a tank?

  6. John

    For his next trick, Jerry will be push pressing a bar with Margaret and Stephanie perched on the plates…a la Arnold at Muscle Beach!

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