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Chris 2 

"Jared and Chris hitting the 5-10-20 WOD"

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Single Leg DL/Lunge 5 sets of 6 each leg. Alternate with Hurdle Series. The SLDL is performed then the opposite leg goes into a lunge. Alternate legs. A Hurdle Series is 4-5 consecutive jumps over hurdles or another standard object.

Weightlifting: Introduction to dip/jump/land with various drills. Introduction to the dumbbell snatch.

W.O.D. 5-10-20 (Strength, Power, Coordination)

-7 Rounds for time

-5 Deadlift

-10 Push Press

-20 Double Unders


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  1. Jared VA

    It wasn't as bad as I thought when we did it, but yesterday evening my entire posterior chain of muscles was on fire. All I had to do was think about moving and… ouch. Pretty awesome!

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