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Janet Candela PR


Janet Candela PR


Janet hit a nice PR in the Snatch yesterday at #120. She got under #122 but missed. The attempt at #122 was off. Her hips shot up and she was way forward. The bright side to that is she was able to rip the bar into a position adequate enough to get under it. There's usually something good you can take away from a missed lift. Janet is getting technically better and stronger positionally. She is learning to fight. You can see how she stays with receiving the lift. She is also getting fast under the bar. Her speed was a bit off and on a really good day she will hit bigger numbers for sure.

For those of you staying consistent with the Olympic Lifting classes there are some important mental and physical factors to always consider. The sport of Olympic Lifting is at the top of the list in athleticism. This makes it higher in the difficulty/reward category. There will be days where everything is there. You're hitting every position right. You are fast. You are loose. Your neuromuscular system is fully engaged and refuses to cool off. The very next day you may feel like you've never done the lifts before. Sometimes you can fight through it. Sometimes you can't. It's golf with a barbell.

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