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It's hot! We want to applaud everyone for braving this brutal heat. You are all incredibly tough and no one seems to be slowing down. The good news is your body will acclimate to elevated temperatures. The process may take a few weeks but hopefully by then we'll have some cooler weather. Overheating and dehydration are major concerns in this kind of heat. You will want to wear clothing that is "dri-fit", handles moisture well, and is light in color. Eat plenty of good foods. Stay hydrated! This is the most important thing. Drink more water throughout the day. Make sure to drink plenty prior to, during, and after your workouts. You may want to consider an electrolyte drink such as Advocare "Rehydrate." Remember if you feel light-headed or unusually hot, take a break!

Our Games team is California bound tomorrow. Remember you can watch the live feed of visit 2010 CrossFit Games for updates. Make Valley Park proud!

Our "Ultimate Helen" event may have intrigued some of you to do more endurance training, running specifically. Well here's your chance! Stephanie Teague is participating in the Lewis and Clark 1/2 marathon on October 3rd. She'll be following a CrossFit Endurance training protocol prior to the event. If anyone is interested, she'd be glad to have you along for some group training. How about doing something you've never done before? Take the challenge!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: "Black Box Thursday"

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  1. Darby Seymour

    Steph, I have run this before and would love to do it again if my back and legs can handle it. Let me know when you do group runs!!

  2. Chris Schwab

    Melissa and I are also running a half marathon, but its a few weeks earlier down in Cape Girardeau mo. So if the lewis and clark doesn't fit your schedule, that one might. We also train with CFE.

  3. jake

    CFE is awesome. Josh is using CFE to train for his Ironman and he seems to be doing really well. Short, intense repeats beats long slow distance anyday.

    Chris, how do u and Melissa like CFE?

  4. Chris Schwab

    I do 2 cfe workouts a week and then we do a traditional race (5k, 10k, whatever we can find) on the weekends. We really like training this way. We trained traditionally for the go half last year and the miles were just too much.

  5. Stephanie T

    I would love to do some group runs and try this CFE program out with others. If you are interested in getting together let me know what days and times work best. Meeting up after a T-TH 5:30am class or before or after a M-W-F afternoon class would work best for me. Click on the Crossfit Endurance link above to see the training schedule and go to for info on the Lewis & Clark 1/2.

  6. Kara Funk

    I am up for some group runs. I can make either time work most likely. Am interested in CFE and would like to work on improving my running….be fun to do some of these runs together. Keep me in the loop. I'm in!

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