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Karen and Josh 

It's time. Our team is on route to Aromas. The good luck e-mails have been pouring in. We want to thank everyone for your wishes and for all the support. So many people came out for our group workouts to share the experience, push us, and inspire us. Remember this wouldn't be possible for us without our members, families, and friends. We are going to give it our best efforts. Most of all, we are going to have a blast! The Games experience is worth the trip alone.

Our workouts were posted yesterday. Go here Affiliate Cup Workouts to see what we will be doing. Our team will do the  North Pad workout first, the Stadium workout second, and the relay run last. We  only get 1/2 hour between workouts! Keep up with the Games website to follow the action. I will do my best to relay reports back to you. 3…..2…..1…..GO!

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  1. Chris

    Let's go everyone! Given the movements, weight, and reps I think you'll be very well prepared. Bring it home to Valley Park!

  2. Rich

    This Valley Park team is solid. Look forward to the great stories of the experience and fun that was had by all. I say next year, we rent out a RV and take some supporters out there with you guys.

    Rock the WODs!!!

  3. DanM

    Second round standings are out, with CFVP hanging on at 11th place! Even got mentioned as a possible top 5 contender. Keep it up!!!

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