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IT'S OFFICIAL! CrossFit Valley Park will add an OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING CLASS to our schedule. Starting on the first Saturday in December from 9:30-11 a.m. you will be able to learn basic technique on the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch. This class will be a trial and we hope to add another class during the week. The class will be posted on our MindBody Online schedule this Monday.

Next week is Thanksgiving. On Friday the 27th we will be open for our 9:30 a.m. class. All other classes and gym hours are cancelled. Don't forget Saturday the 28th is our PR Event. Get your name on the board!

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Pull-ups, push-ups, KB racked lunges


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  1. Mike Shaw

    Holy hell…

    Is that a picture of Jake jerkin 177% of his body weight?

    I think he needs a big 'S' on his chest and a cape blowing in the wind. Photo-Shop anyone?

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