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Team 2 

It's hard to know what to write at this point. We are all exhausted physically and emotionally. We'll try to get a  story out and a picture album up soon. In summary.

Team CFVP absolutely brought it. We dominated in what is known as the toughest region in the world. The 6 team members came together, trained hard, and we finished number one. The weekend was filled with inspiring moments…too many to count. The coaches would like to thank each team member for taking a piece of us with you into the arena. We thank you for the privelege of watching you pull out every last bit of effort you had to make Valley Park proud. It can't be put into words. Thank you to every single member of Valley Park for supporting the team. A special thank you to those who made the trip to Chicago to cheer us on. We'd also like to thank the community and fellow affiliates for all your support. The years of competing with you have made all of us better athletes and friends. Thank you all. California…watch out. We're coming.

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  1. Old Zim

    Congrats to the team. I can't tell you how proud we are all of you and how well you performed in the toughest region in the world. You guys are going to ROCK IT in California and we will continue to cheer you on. Way to go!!!!

  2. Melissa K.

    Congratulations, Team CFVP. I hope you could hear all of us cheering you on from St. Louis! Sooooooooooooooooo proud of you!

  3. Kara Funk

    Way to go Team VP!!!! & coaches. We are all so proud of your talent, hard work, and incredible neverending determination. You make us all so proud!

  4. Chris Schwab

    Stunning work all weekend. It was an amazing thing to watch. Tonya and Corey's work on the deadlift/box jump, Dave/Jake making the double unders and OH squats look like nothing. Margaret's toes to bar (ridiculous), and Melissa showing her true grit in fighting through those Muscle-ups were just some of the highlights.

  5. Monica

    It has been so great to look at all the pics & see the excitement that had to be going on there. Wish we could have all been there with you!! So proud of all of you!!

  6. Mike D

    Congratulations! You guys will do big things in Cali, you have already done so much here in the gym by inspiring every one who has met you. Great work.

  7. dan thacker

    Thank you everyone for your support. Laurie and John, thanks for taking time to comment. Nimmo… were inspiring man.

  8. Jake

    Thanks for the amazing support from our VP family and friends. We are truly blessed to be a part of this box. I can't wait to represent CFVP in Cali.

  9. Cory

    Thanks CFVP, family, friends and other supporters. It just means more to us when others are proud and excited! It will be an honor repping VP in Cali.

  10. David Cornthwaite

    Thanks to everyone: owners, VP community members, St. Louis CrossFit community in general! Everyone has a hand in this victory. The most amazing thing to me is that Jake is wearing a shirt in 2 out of the 3 pictures.

  11. Tonya

    As I write this I am not sure if I will keep it together… What an amazing journey I(we) am(are) on right now!!! I cannot thank everyone at Valley Park for what this entire process has meant to me. To my teammates, thanks for the invitation to be a part of the VP team and to experience some of the most incredible moments I have ever had in athletics. Our mission is just beginning. To our Coaches, it was so special to have you all at Regionals with us. Keep pushing us and don't let us get out of the prowler, burpees, incline trainer, tire flips, rope climbs, and always tell us "put some more weight on that bar." The support and guidance you have provided will continue to make us great. THANKS. To my workout partner, you make me better every day. Thanks for always holding me accountable. Chase or be chased!!! Love Ya!!!

    We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Phil 4:13.

  12. Lisa Moore

    Great job CFVP team. It has been amazing watching all of you train hard these past months and your hard work obviously paid off. Much much luck in Cali.

  13. Kerry H

    Jessica and I are so proud of the effort you all displayed. We will be sure to use this for motivation and fuel as we attend classes at CFVP, the #1 crossfit gym in the Mid-West!!!

    Thanks and give them Hell in CA!!!

  14. Troy Hupp

    Way to go team VP!! It was great to follow the regional online anxiously antisipating each wod update. I can't imagine how intense and exiting it was to be there in person! Go get 'em in cali!

  15. Rochelle

    The staff and members here at TNT are so proud of you! Keep up the amazing work you are doing. We admire all your hard work! Go kick some ass in CA!

  16. Margaret

    Thank you so much for the support!! We are proud to represenet CFVP and are so blessed to have such an awesome team and CF family!!

  17. Leeny Hoffmann

    Way to go Crossfit Valley Park! Your pictures were awesome. So proud of your team. Best of luck at the games!

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