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Games 2009

"It's Game Time Again"

Time sure does fly and the 2010 CrossFit Games are just around the corner. This year individuals and teams must qualify. Individuals have to get through a Sectional event (which we have right here in St. Louis) and then a Regional event in Denver. Teams must  attend the Regional event only. The size of the field is unknown but they will only be taking 8 teams from Denver to move on to the big show in Aromas. Each year the Games have experienced a 300 percent increase in athletes!

CrossFit Valley Park will be sending two individuals to sectionals. Josh Nimmo and Jake Howard are working hard and looking tough. We know we'll see them go to Denver.  We will be sending a team of 3 females and 3 males to Denver as well. We will be hosting an "inter-gym" tryout to determine our team. This is an open tryout. Anyone interested should contact us and we will give you some input.

We will be announcing an exciting event tomorrow. CrossFit Valley Park will be present a chance for each one of you to take it to the next level of health and fitness. You will all recieve an e-mail with details as well.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 5 X 5 alternating with OH Press 5 X 5. Take a short rest between movements. After each couplet, we will work on box jump technique, working towards max. height attempts.

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