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Tawn and Jenn

It's always nice to have someone come over and cheer you on. If you have the energy after a WOD, do it. It's always amazing to see how it affects someone.

Chances are if you are eating along Zone guidelines you are eating much better than most of the population. However, recent reports suggest Paleo eating may be superior for health and performance. There is no need for weighing and measuring. You eat when you are hungry and as much as you'd like until you're full. It is rather restrictive and you have to eat enough fruits and vegetables for your carbohydrates. The focus is on quality food. Remember CrossFit is a performance based program and we should always eat to optimize our abilities. Robb Wolf is a great source for information on Paleo eating and how it affects health and performance.  There are also numerous websites with information on books, recipes, and Paleo eating.

Registration for Sectional events is opening today. This is for athlete and spectator registration. The link is not active now but will be soon. Go Here for more information. The fees have created quite a stir this year. Spectator fees are $25/day. We don't know all the costs for hosting these events and certainly CrossFit plans to make a profit. I do know that it's less than the cost of a trip to the movie theatre. Remember one way to watch the event for free is to register as a volunteer. Contact us if you are interested.

Christmas Eve Classes- "A very special WOD."


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  1. Tawn

    Thanks Jen! Our CFVP community is so wonderful! I am very grateful to have so many amazing people in my life as a result of being part of this community. As for the picture (grrr)– Dan sure has a gift! UGH! That doesn't even look like me (I hope)!

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