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We are finished….right?


We are finished….right?


"It's always fun when you run out of room on your bar"

Deadlift 2 Deadlift 3  

We got back to some basics tonight with some deadlifts. We really concentrated on keeping good spine angle while increasing load. This becomes more and more difficult to do as we approach maximum loads. "Set" your back by creating a lumbar curve and pull the shoulders back against the weight. Once you are in good position, fight hard to stay there as the bar is pulled from the ground into full extension.

We ended with a 500 meter sprint followed by a nasty coaching trick. After demaning an all out effort on the rower, everyone had to pick a trick out of the hat. 50 thrusters, 100 air squats, 100 lunges, or 25 burpees marked the finish line. Great job everyone!

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