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Shoveling  It was neat to see that this nasty weather didn't keep anyone from coming to class today! While many people were going home early from work, you all trudged in for your dose of CrossFit. I know it's a little thing but it made us feel good.

I got a great laugh out of Orie Shafer's comment on his snow shoveling WOD. In 2007, over 36,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to shoveling snow. Shoveling is no joke. Wet snow is heavy and it takes many swipes at it to get your driveway clean. Each load must be lifted from the ground and tossed aside with a rotation of the torso. It is truly a full body workout. This is just another example of the many activities that we jump into with little thought or caution. Treat it as a workout. Take a rest when you need to. Wear proper attire. Most importantly, use proper mechanics.

Our trainers here continue to notice so much progress with everyone. As an athlete it is natural to often miss these little things that we see. Keep working on those goals and the progress will be there. Try and take time to give yourself a pat on the back! Speaking of progress……..

Our new athletes participating in our "Biggest Winner" Challenge are showing tremendous effort and motivation! So many people doubt themselves when faced with a new fitness program. CrossFit is a skill based program making the initial steps even harder. New athletes always confirm what we always say. "You can do it." Keep up the good work everyone!

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  1. GNAT

    Good Job!! I love snow! While living in the mountains for 11 1/2 years where it can snow 5 feet over night I loved my many snow workouts! Now I just wish it would snow some more here!!! Herb wanted to take the shovel away…but I wouldn't let him!!! Let it snow & then we can bust out the snowshoes too…which is also a great snow workout..oh wait..there aren't too many hills around here. Hold on…there is one thing wrong with this picture…how much snow has she been shoveling?..with all those layers on she would be roasting!!

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