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It must be contagious. Mike Basile got his first muscle up yesterday. We are super proud of you Mike.

Our team is on the road to Chicago. The 2011 CrossFit Games Regionals are this weekend in Chicago. Three teams will advance to the CrossFit Games. All 3 coaches are traveling to support the team. Corey Lewis will be running classes.  Please take a moment and wish them luck.

From the coaches: We couldn't be more proud of the six of you representing CrossFit Valley Park. You carry a part of each of us. It had been remarkable to see your hard work, dedication, and progress. Best of luck to Margaret Junker, Tonya Charland, Melissa Hurley, Cory Beurck, David Cornthwaite, and Jake Howard.

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  1. Lisa Moore

    Best of luck to all of you. You are all amazingly strong. I know you will do great. "hit it like a freight train" 🙂

  2. Lisa Moore

    Congratulations Mike……I was hoping to be next. Haha. You rocked it out. Great job. Boy I hope Melissa is there when I try. Amazing encouragement from her:)

  3. robin wilhelm

    Awesome display, Mike! To those who are competing, I wish you the best. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Just watching how hard you guys train is such an inspiration. I know you will be incredible!

  4. Mike e

    HUGE…Congratulations!!! Way to Go!!!
    Final results: Teams
    1) CrossFit Valley Park 2) CrossFit Omaha 3) CrossFit Springfield

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