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Corey and Chris

It looks like we'll be having our next St. Louis Affiliate Team competition sometime late March! This is a great chance for you to experience the fun and excitement of competition. The division sctructure is going to present every level of experience a chance to compete. We'll keep you posted on details.

Great interaction on the Next Level Nutrition Blog. A couple things. When you comment it would be helpful to include your last name or at least last initial. Since we are considering the interaction once the challenge starts, this will be important. Also, if you read something and you question whether the information is accurate, please feel free to bring it up! We want everyone to be informed. Nutrition is a confusing subject and we don't know everything. We're posting information as accurately as possible while relying on certain published information to be correct. 

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 5 X 3. Alternate with KB Windmills, 6 on each side. Work towards heavier KB weight.


-14 Minutes with a continuously running clock.

-On the top of each minute perform: 6 Split Lunges, 8 Push-ups, 10 Squats. You get to rest for any remaining time during each minute.


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