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It could be argued that showing the worst example in the world is not as effective at simply showing the best example. This video is basically for entertainment purposes. Still, it is disturbing that someone would take no time to learn something before "coaching" it on youtube! Folks, this is NOT the way to Clean and Jerk.

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 5 X 5. Alternate with Renegade Rows without the push-up. 10 reps per arm. At some point during your strength work, take 1 attempt at performing push-ups for 2 minutes straight. You don't have to do any minimum number but you can't come out of planked posture.

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  1. Mike d

    Today we are going to discuss the half ass clean, and push press with a slightly over dramatic exhale, yes I always work out in a collared shirt. It is important to look good so no one notices your lack of form or knowledge of Olympic lifting terms.

  2. Uhh… Thank you, Aaron Hale from fitness for life in Wilmington, North Carolina. Uhh… Because of you, I will now forever feel like I'm Mike Burgener when I coach the clean & jerk and Chad Vaughn whenever I'm performing it. Uhh…Uhh…

  3. First of all, he should have practiced what he was going to say before putting it on video. I was like, come on… any day now, what are you trying to say???

    The whole thing was a mess! from the teaching of it, to the demo of it!!! wowzer! the wide grip, to no hook grip to the reverse bicep curl to everything….

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