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Interesting Perspective

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  1. Brian R.

    Makes me thing of this great Simpson's exchange; discussion regarding Moe's new frying station:

    Moe: "This baby'll deep-fry a buffalo in 45 seconds."

    Homer: "Aww, but I want it now!!"

  2. Confucius

    This is the "Now" generation. Everyone wants everything now now now. This is one of the reasons we see so many cases of illegal substances in major league sports. Why work hard when I can take a drug that will give me the results in 1/2 the time?

    Most recent case of this being Ryan Braun on the Milwaukee Brewers. I'll be honest, at one point late in the season when the "brew crew" were on a tare, I joked and said someone needs to give Braun a drug test basically because he was on fire. Now that joke isn't so funny considering the MVP that "everyone liked" is now under a huge microscope. He plans to appeal, but from what I understand, no player has actually won this kind of appeal.

    Like the title of the video says, Everything is amazing and nobody is happy with what they have, whether it be athleticism, money, internet speed…whatever.
    We want more and we want it NOW!

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