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Individuals Rocked the House


Individuals Rocked the House

Jake Howard, Josh Nimmo, and David Corthwaite stepped up to the chalkbox today. The morning started with a run that tested their lungs against the cool thin air. They all did very well. The 2nd event was a max load clean and jerk. All three athletes set PR's with Jake getting #280, Josh getting #290, and David getting #245. They were stacked up against several lifters who got more than 300 lbs. After 2 events Josh was in 7th place and Jake was in 14th. This left the final triplet.

Double Unders proved to be the factor as JakeHoward set the bar with a 9:49. He managed to pass up 3 athletes who were ahead of him to take 2nd in the heat. David was also in the heat and posted an awesome 10:38. Josh Nimmo was the last to go and was up against the overall leader. Josh simply brought it and crushed this one. During the 3rd round Josh also managed to pass 2 athletes who were ahead of him. Our cheering section exploded as he crossed the finish in 9:34, taking first in his heat. The only one to have a better time in the event was the overall leader, Matt Chan.

After 3 workouts Josh is in 2nd overall! Jake is in 9th and David is in 25th. All stand a great chance to make the 4 going to California. The anticipation is building as our Individuals and Team get ready to fight it out for spots to the big show.

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  1. Paul C

    What a treat it was to watch all of you. You have proven that you all are definitely a "cut above" so many other fine athletes. Best of luck to all of you in the final round. "get nasty" as Dan would say.

  2. No matter where you all place in the end, you're all a total inspiration and i get chills of "proudness" with every update. NOW LET'S KICK SOME AASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

  3. Rich Hill

    Am I reading the the team Affiliate cup right…Looks like Valley Park gets a spot in CA? I read the CF games site and it states if the regional is sending 4 men & women to CA, then that region will have 8 team spots.

  4. Cory Buerck

    Josh, Jake, and David… Way to F'n Go. You guys may have been individual competitors, but ALL 3 yall are 3 of the best teammates out there. Thanks for shoulder warm-up josh. Haha!

  5. Kara

    Josh, Jake and David – You guys made us all proud out there. You are all true IRON men. Proud to know you and hang with you.

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