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Valley Park Wins the Affiliate Cup!


Valley Park Wins the Affiliate Cup!

Prescribed Cup

Final Standings

Melissa Hurley

Ok, Thanks to Leeny Hoffman of CrossFit St. Louis we were able to steal a couple pics for our updated post. Check out those standings! Nice job everyone!

In the midst of downloading about 300 pics from today the memory card decided to go haywire and we lost all pics of the awards presentation! In light of a possible new T-shirt slogan, "My engine runs on CrossFit. You may want to stand back.", we picked this great picture with Ingrid backing away from a determined Melissa Hurley!

First of all thank you to Kim Wilkes for hosting this awesome event. Thank you to all the judges and people who came out to support the athletes. Again, we are reminded of why we are such a unique and strong community.

CrossFit Valley Park brought the Affiliate Cup back home! We took a 1st and 3rd place in the prescribed division. Our scaled division teams also placed in the top 5. We can't express how proud we are of our athletes! It was absolutely amazing to watch them compete. Most of them were competing for the first time and showed the guts and determination that makes them so great. We love you all! More on the event and a photo album coming soon! Exhaustion is winning this Sunday night WOD.  

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Bench Press 5 X 8. Alternate with Deadlifts 5 X 4.

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  1. Melissa Hurley

    What an amazing day!!! I was and am so proud to be part of the crossfit family and even more so proud to be part of the Crossfit Valley Park family. You all are so amazing and such a joy to be around. I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable experience. Everyone seriously kicked butt!! Thank you everyone who came out to support, thank you Kim for a awesome day of challenging WODs and if they weren't for throwing in some finishing touches. WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!!

  2. Steph T

    I second what Melissa said, it was an amazing day, the whole experience was so motivating! Love the slogan by the way, lets get some tshirts at VP! Congrats to all the teams for their great performance today – everyone gave 110%. Whats the over under on Advil consumed tonight??

  3. FYI, Don't think that Ingrid would ever back away from anyone or anything!!!! The pic just looks like "whoa, watch out!" Ingrid, so awesome to hang with you. Ingrid to Dan as they sat side by side on the rowers, waiting for the 3-2-1 Go…."Let's get Nasty!"

  4. christy

    EVERYONE DID AWESOME TODAY! I wanted to thank everyone who was involved with making this day a success especially my teammates for being so positive and helpful, you all ROCK! Today was an amazing experience I will never forget. A special thanks to Tracy for introducing me to crossfit, I love it!

  5. Trey

    An amazing day–so proud of all of those who competed. Some of my favorite moments:

    1. The look on Brian Rouse's face when Kim announced that the push-ups were too easy and we needed to "add in a clap". It was the look of an eight-year-old who's just been told the Christmas tree burnt down, along with all the presents.

    2. Dan Furnas missing his first box jump. I have been there, and done that. Missing any jump sucks, but missing the first one sucks BAD. Makes me want to look around, thinking, "Did anyone see that? I sure hope not."

    3. Tawn saying, "Dan Thacker says we don't have a big enough lead for me to screw up on my row!" with a panicked look in her eye. She didn't screw up, and they won big regardless!

    Fabulous experience overall, and I'm REALLY proud of the job Eat My Chalk turned in! Great job Christy, Jeff, and Steph!! 🙂

  6. Kara

    We rocked it CFVP. It was a blast being at Crossfit St. Charles and hanging with all our affiliate teams. The crossfit family is a bunch of studs!!!

    Speaking of studs, did anyone see Brandon whip out those ring dips and fill in on the last wod? He just got in there and got it done!

    Congratulations to everyone – we did good!!

  7. Jennifer Kahle

    I can't even put into words how awesome today was. Barbell Barbarians rocked! We made a great team. I am so proud to be a part of the amazing CFVP family. Everbody did such a great job. I'm proud of all of you!

  8. Tawn, How do you screw up a row anyway? haha. That was huge for Brandon to step up. Bummer "Malicious Intent" lost a player. They would have given us a 1st and 2nd place on the podium!!!

  9. Melissa K.

    I'm so proud of our CFVP family~all competitors did great and the support of the CFVP spectators was so appreciated. There were many of you there cheering us on and I hope you participate next time ; )

    Huge shout out to Dan, Corey, Christina, and Tawn for bringing the Cup back home, where it belongs!

    Kim Wilkes and her team did a great job hosting the event. Thank you so much. I would also like to thank Molly and Chris for their support and encouragement during a couple of the WOD's.

    My fellow Glue Factory teammates~Thank you!!! We worked so well together, proved that we don't belong in the pasture, completed the day injury-free, and had fun! It was an honor to be on your team!

    Brandon, it was so wonderful to see you out there competing! You were awesome!

    Dan, Herb and Brandon….thank you! I appreciate everything you've done for me.

    I'm so proud and honored to part of something so special at CFVP!

  10. Tawn

    It was an amazing day! Every competitor there left it all on the floor! Who knew we had so much to leave behind, but we did! CFVP is filled with fearless athletes who take it to the mat every time with heart and guts! We also show no mercy!

    Dan – You'd be amazed what I can break and mess up…even a row 😉

    Stephanie – I'm going with an under of 16,800mg and an over of 24,000mg of Advil. I'm going with the over.

    I'm proud of you all and proud to say I was a part of such a fun and amazing experience!

  11. Mike d

    It is incredible to watch an event that shows you what people are made of. We all must be made of steel, I have never seen so many throw down 110% when there was nothing left in the tank. I am proud to have been invited, to have participated, and to be part of the valley park family. Dan, Herb, and Brandon thank you for all that you do for us. You lead a tremendous group by extraordinary example. Thank you. I look forward to the next one.

  12. I just KNEW they would use the pic of me not looking at the camera…I remember the flash going off, thinking, "Yep, there's the pic they'll use.." I guess I was caught staring @ Dan, still in awe, like he was a Roman soldier, how he and Corey crushed the first WOD like it was child's a couple of Killer whales tossing a baby seal back and forth, saying, (with the heavy Austrian accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger) "Now you take a tuuurn… toss it back ova heea ven yoouu are dooone…" … pickin' up the visual yet..? Seriously, though, I wasn't touching Jake's butt and I was really thinkin' about how I need to be in 1st place someday… 😉 Oh, and speaking of butts, thanks Bobby Rowan for pointing out how good my butt looked yesterday during the 1st wod…

  13. Janice Hurley-Trailor

    WOW – great to see everyone's efforts. It's a small world – I am out here in Scottsdale AZ getting to enjoy all the efforts in St Louis. Thank you so much. Janice Hurley – Melissa Hurley's proud mom

  14. Brian R.

    Wow, what a great time! I was home for exactly 20 minutes before I was out like a light. I've only taken six advil so far!

    Competing with everyone was really a motivating experience; Mike D. and I paired up on the 10,000 lb lift, and said we'd go in sets of 10, but if either of us started getting tired we'd knock it down to sets of 5. Of course, it turns out that neither of us was going to roll back to 5 before the other did!

    And yes, I was NOT pleased to hear the "hand clap" addition to the pushups, although I will admit that regular pushups WERE probably too easy. To top that off, no hard feelings against Jake for disallowing a few of my pushups! They truly did suck and needed to be done over. 🙂

    I'll never look at "Easy Buttons" the same way again!

  15. Bob

    Brandons quote of the day " I'm not as good as I once was but I'm good once as I ever was " !!!! Great Job everyone and shout out Brandon !! Chris I was just trying to see if I could see the Brazilian Butt lifts you told me you were wearing !!!

  16. Chris

    Bobbio, that was pose ta be kept on the DL, butt now that it's out, I forgot to give you the website for them that you requested..butt again, thanks for the compliment, cuz it is that kind of "support" that we need from the crowd at these events to really "push" us to our greatest levels of achievement !! (No puns intended..)

  17. Sharon D

    Way to bring the cup back to CFVP – great job!!
    Congrats to everyone – you guys were awesome!!!
    Kim – great event – Thanks!

  18. Lynn

    Kim, You did an awesome job hosting this event! That was a major undertaking and you pulled it off with ease. I just don't know how I'll ever thank you enough for that WOD #2, though. That was a tough one and I'm quite sure your husband has lots of pics to prove it.

  19. Brandon

    First of all, I want to tell everyone how proud I am of all who competed…especially those competing for the first time!! Thanks so much for the kind words but I think the attention needs to be shifted to team "Malicious Intent!!!" This team consisted of my wife Melanie, Nikki Cepicky, Corey Lewis, and David Cornthwaite.

  20. Chris

    Dan, it's a compliment…just so ya know.. 🙂 Oh, Kara-I hope your hands are doin' better today after tearin' em up on those kipping pullups with RaeLynn there at the end! What dedication to keep on keepin' on while mortally wounded !!

  21. CONGRATS to all that participated and VP for overdue cup winners. I am soooo pumped for all. That may have been one of my fondest memories in competition. Home turf when all you have to do is turn your phone off, because you are with all your friends!!!!!
    As for the pic, all I want to say is the last name of Hurley is BAD ASS and I know Melissa wouldn't back down or away from anything. Why do you think I picked her team to judge. They were and are on FIRE and I love being around that kind. Love all of you and thanks for a great day.

  22. Cory Buerck

    Congrats to all the teams. I thought everyone did great…way to push through it!!! Special ups to Dan, Christina, and Tawn. You three were awesome and I couldnt have asked for anything more, yall gave it your best and that is all that really matters to me. Valley Park competitors are all winners. We push one another to be the very best we can be and it showed yesterday at the end of the day. Thanks for making my first experience one I will never forget.

  23. Kara

    Chris, my hands look like Rocky Balboa's face after he met Mr. T's right hand. Ha! Ha! Can't figure out why that happened. Need to start taping i guess…doesn't happen all the time. Must be the tape on that particular pullup bar.

    You did awesome – never stopped the intesity!!!!

  24. Dawn Wilhelm

    I cannot explain how wonderful Sunday was. What a great experience…we truly have an awesome crossfit "family" at Valley Park. I couldn't agree more with all of the previous posts. I know that the Barbell Barbarions along with all teams left it all on the floor yesterday…way to push guys!! I have to say I cannot wait to do it all over again! Thanks Brandon, Dan and Herb for pushing us and making us the athletes we are today!!!

  25. Sunday was an awesome day! Just seeing how far everyone pushed it was so cool. I had a great team that definitely carried my ass, so thanks guys! It's only been five days and I think I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I had to tell the first graders to take it easy on me on Monday.

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