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Jared OH

 In a previous post I commented on spine positions during overhead movements. This is a good example of keeping a nice posture in the cervical spine while executing the overhead squat. Drawing a line from the head to the sacrum reveals a pleasing result.

Are you a victim of bad habits? Do you want to get better? We can all answer yes to both questions. Getting good technique is tough. Even the best athletes must constantly work on technique. Consistently using poor technique will inhibit any postive gains in your fitness. Consistent work on good technique may be harder at first but it's the path to making progress. Our exercise in focus is the push-up. You will all be getting help from your CrossFit Valley Park trainers in getting stronger in your push-ups. It's important to remember that the repetition demands of a workout have nothing to do with proper form. Whether it's 1 or 100, every repetition should look the same.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Pull-ups, push-ups, ring push-ups.

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