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Gambling With Your Health


Gambling With Your Health

Thumbnail I saw an interesting interview today. A eighty two year old man who still lifts weights and runs half marathons was being aksed how much time and money he puts into staying fit. He claimed to work out about 4 hours per week, every week. He spends about $5700 per year on a personal trainer. The person interviewing him pointed out the fact that he spent alot of time and money for his health. He quickly responded. "The time that people can't seem to spare these days to exercise will only be spent taking care of their illnesses in the future. As far as I know, health care isn't free and many of my peers spend alot more than $5700 annually on doctor visits, medications, hospital bills, and surgery. I spend 192 hours per year exercising which comes to 8 days of my life. I'd be happy to trade 8 days for a year longer on this earth in good health any day. When it comes to gambling, it's all about odds. You do the math."

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-Calculate every minute and hour that you spend idle during a day. Yes I know we are all busy but think about it. Effective workouts don't take long.

-Calculate every penny you spend on "little things" that you can do without. I'm guilty of stopping in Starbucks for a $3 coffee. I often buy bottled water when I can simply refill.

-Now add these numbers up and do that many burpees!

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