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"How not to dump a back squat"

Don't forget you have 1 week to turn in your best 500 Meter row time. You can make more than 1 attempt. Be sure a coach witnesses and records your effort. Good luck!

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: 3 Movements. Go through the triplet with no rest. Then rest exactly 3 minutes between circuits. Rest should be active with mobility work.

-5 sets of: Back Squat x 10 (about 50% 1RM). Ring Dips (ring push-ups) x 10. KTE (strict) x 10.

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  1. Trey

    Where do I begin? Seriously. The sheer volume of stuff I could say about this picture is actually overwhelming the creativity center of my brain and rendering me powerless. I apologize in advance to anyone who was counting on me to be their bright shining star of commentary on this dark, dark day.

  2. Tawn

    Oh WOW, I remember that moment–it was awful to watch! Having crushed two vertabrae in a similar fashion, I felt sick when she went down that day. She walked away from that HUGE mistake basically unscathed, but that was just dumb luck!

  3. BMJ

    ok ok, jokes up. Holly used to be in the circus. She was demonstrating a barbell handstand. This was her getting ready to press into the movement. Quite amazing.

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