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How about this for a before/after? Absolutely incredible. Melissa is a true standout. What is so amazing is that her progress just never slows down and the physical changes have been just as dramatic as the mental ones. Melissa is a tiger!  It's normal to hit plateaus in health and fitness. As the body adapts and becomes better, it becomes harder to keep making gains. Melissa is proof that if you want something bad enough, it's yours and that the journey never ends. It only gets better. Melissa, we are so grateful and proud to have you here. You define inspiration.

We want to thank Brian Rouse for creating a great forum for us to interact, share stories, and grow. As the founder, he has appointed me as administrator so I will continue to develop the page.  Here you can share recipes, training stories, PR's, and ask questions.  The CrossFit Valley Park Members Forum is now active and you will find it on the right sidebar. Sign up now, include a cool avatar, and let's go!

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: "Black Box" to include a warm-up, 2 metcons with a 5 minute rest in between, and a cool down.

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  1. Lynn

    I saw the "before" picture the other night when Melissa handed it to me, and I was amazed! Girl, you are seriously my idol! And look at those abs…wow.

  2. Kara

    I can't believe my eyes. Look at how good you look!! YOU ARE A STANDOUT, as said above. I can't stop congratulating you. Your progress is impressive. Way to go!!!

  3. Melissa Hurley

    AMAZING!!! JUST AMAZING!!! Those are some awesome abs!!! You should be so very proud of all you've accomplished, way to go MK.

  4. Trey

    Melissa, you are a POSTER CHILD for everything CrossFit tries to do–but it ain't just CrossFit. Without substantial heart, desire, and unwavering determination, NO program can bring about the astonishing transformation those pictures show. Enjoy your new body, new life, and new attitude, because you have EARNED them!! Congrats!

  5. Paul C

    Amazing! There is no limit to what you can achieve if you commit to your goals. Congratulations on an amazing change in your life.

  6. Sharon

    Awesome-Amazing Melissa!!! What a journey you have been on over the past 3 years, your dedication has transformed you mentally and physically into true elite CF Athlete. You attack each workout going full throttle from start to end and get stronger and faster with each one!!! It is amazing what you have accomplished and you look awesome – you’ve got killer abs!!! You are truly inspirational and I am very thankful that I have you as a workout partner – you definitely have been a huge part of my success! Very proud of you and what you have and continue to accomplish – you never stop taking it over the top!!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!!! Congratulations – you are incredible!!!!

  7. Melissa K.

    Hey Everyone, Thanks so much for the kind words! While I've put in a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears to make this "transformation," it's the great trainers and fellow gym members who have made my journey possible. Of the three awesome trainers we have, Dan was the first one I met at Core Fitness. I honestly can't believe he didn't fire me as a client. I was a royal pain in the neck to train! But Dan, Herb and Brandon believed in me when I didn't believe in myself! Thanks, guys! And, to my girl, Sharon….thank you! We've come a long way and I'm so blessed to be on this journey with you! You are a rock star!!! I feel honored to be part of the CFVP family!

    Brian, thanks for creating the forum. I'm looking forward to using it!

  8. Jennifer Kahle

    Melissa you look amazing! You are a real warrior in the gym. I can always look to you for encouragement. Great job!!

  9. Janice Hurley-Trailor

    VERY impressive. certainly an inspiration to actually see the before picture. She looks 20 years younger NOW.

  10. Melissa that is AMAZING! I am so in awe of the transformation you have made, I did not know you before and would have no idea you have ever been heavy – you are totally sculpted now I might just have to pin your abs picture up on my fridge to keep me motivated.

  11. Raelynn

    Melissa, this is absolutely incredible! What a transformation! Not to mention, you look like you are about 17 in that cute little pink tank! Wow! So proud of you; enjoy & keep working hard!

  12. mcf

    Great for you Melissa, that is so super. I'm in awe of your accomplishment. That is a lot of hard work and discipline. Can you imagine how many cookies you've said no to? Congratulations. -Maria Fox.

  13. Josh Nimmo

    Pretty amazing accomplishments Melissa! I'm loving those abs in that pic! I've been showing you off to all my IL gym members. You're a real life inspiration!

  14. Rebecca

    OMG Melissa! That is truly amazing and an inspiration. I know you always inspire me to keep pushing when we have workouts together!

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