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HOA Update


HOA Update

Please forgive the bland visual content. But this reporter is furiously pounding away at his keyboard from home without access to the many full colored action shots and videos that typically grace this website.

The first day of competition has concluded, and all 32 teams have performed with skill, strength, and determination. The competition is tight, with two Valley Park teams in the top 5! So tomorrow is going to be a gripping finish that will determine the winner. It is going to be a beautiful day, so come out to CrossFit Ice if you can to help cheer and encourage your friends.


We at CrossFit Valley Park want to thank all the volunteers who came out and gave of themselves this weekend. Without them, the event simply would not have been possible, let alone so successful. Also a special thanks to CrossFit Ice who was able to house this growing event. It's a fantastic facility and people need to come check it out. A special thanks needs to go to Corey Lewis, whose tireless behind the scenes work were instrumental to the entire event. I really hope his voice is getting a rest right now.


Lots of PRs went down today, not the least was Melissa H's first Muscle Up!! Dan ran, Tonya and Gnat made the snatches look like they were playing with dowels, (not dolls), Brody kept his shirt on, and many more memorable events are all part of history now.


So please excuse this reporter as a hot bath is waiting. See you tomorrow

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  1. Certainly miss the pictures but appreciate getting ANY news I can on how the day progressed. I know Melissa had two personal bests and was just elated with her team and their individual and collective strengths. Great Fun !!

  2. Melissa Hurley

    Thank you very much for all your hard work Brandan and COrey!! Great event. Thank you all the volunteers and judges, these events aren't possible without you and it's not an easy job. Thank you very much!!


    You all were AMAZING yesterday! I had a great time & was so pumped for all of you! I hate to miss it today so keep us posted! I need updates!!!

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