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HOA Teams


HOA Teams


Here's some footage from Saturday's TEAM WOD. Remember anyone is welcome to come join this FREE class on Saturdays. It's not limited to competitors.

So far, this is our line-up for the 2012 Heart of America Team CrossFit Competition in November. If you signed-up as an athlete and are not listed, we were not able to get enough participants to form another team. However, there is still time. We are needed 2 more male and 2 more female competitiors for the scaled division.

TEAM 1 (Rx'd) Lisa Moore, Stephanie Teague, Brooke Van Anne, Jared Van Anne, Stephen Cooper, Eric Wallach.

TEAM 2 (Rx'd) Melanie Jackson, Darby Seymour, Dawn Wilhelm, Dan Deweese, Donny Harris.

TEAM 3 (Rx'd) Margaret Junker, Tonya Charland, Janet Candela, Brandon Jackson, Louis Clough, Dan Thacker

TEAM 4 (Scaled) Jennifer Kahle, Robin Wilhelm, Amy Walhermfechtel, Brian Rouse, Mike Derenski, Steve Himmelman.

TEAM 5 (Scaled) Jamie Reuther, Monica Kunkel, Sandy Kalloas, Carlo Spadari, Ben Giesler, Brett Burlingame.

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