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HOA Teams


HOA Teams

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in competing in the 3rd Annual Heart of America CrossFit Challenge, you must reply to the e-mail that was sent out. This is the only way you will be put on the participant list. We will start making teams this week. The point of doing this early is so the team can get together for team workouts. We are getting a good response but we want everyone to be aware of a few things.

  • We will likely not have an even number of males and females. Some people who are wanting to participate simply won't have a spot. This can either be decided between the members or we can have a random drawing.
  • Some members are in that "grey area" of being prescribed or scaled. This is extremely difficult to determine without knowing the demands of the workouts. We will do our best to make these decisions but just understand you could potentially be a VERY strong scaled athlete or a MARGINAL prescribed athlete. Either way….do your best and have fun.

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