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HIRING: Video Editor/Producer! Ok we're just kidding. We continue to play around with video footage to make the quality better. There were some PR's set on Friday with 1 rep max back squats and bench press. Strong work everyone!

Today we have our first Weightlifting/Strength and Conditioning Class. We want to be clear on the content of the class. It is different than our Saturday Weightlifting Class. The weekday classes will have strength/skill/conditioning work. The elements of Olympic Weightlifting will slowly be introduced as well. This will include warm-up drills to groove movement patterns, skill work on the movements with dumbbells and kettlebells, as well as introductory work with the barbells. It will be a mix and many people will come along in different stages. We will be able to recognize who is where and apply appropriate work for you. Everyone should feel free to give these classes a try. The new skills are fun and rewarding.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat 5 X 3. Alternate with handstands/handstand push-ups.

Weightlifting: Jumping Drills/Starting position and 1st pull drills/Transition drills

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