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Mike d 
Some shots today from several "Hero" WOD's.

 The Hero WOD's were created to honor brave men, women, and their families for their sacrifices to our country. With intention, they were all created to be very difficult efforts. We move into these workouts perhaps with an added sense of effort and respect. That same respect must be considered when picking which one you will do. It is important that you pick something that is appropriate for your abilities. Going above and beyond your range by a few pounds or reps may help you but picking something that is way too heavy or technical is not acceptable. Use good judgement. We honor our fallen heroes with hard work, not injury. We applaud everyone who came in today and worked so hard. Great job CFVP.

9-11-2011. 10 Years Later.  Enjoy your Sunday and always remember the innocent victims and their families.


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