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Flag Griff

We will be taking the day off on July 4th in honor of our day of independence. All classes are cancelled.

We will honor our nation's efforts to support our freedoms with a workout on Sunday the 5th. Join us at Kirkwood High School track for "Griff." This workout was named in honor of  USAF SSgt Travis Griffin who was killed April 3rd, 2008 in Baghdad. We will also be offering a workout from our team tryouts. It is the men's final workout. Take time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This is a social workout so feel free to bring a buddy. Hope to see you.


-For time

-2 Rounds

-Run 800 meters

-Run 400 meters backward

"Affiliate Team WOD"

"Courtesy CrossFit Football"

-7 Rounds for Time

-3 Handstand push-ups

-5 power cleans (185, 100)

-7 Pull-ups

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  1. Rocked out the affiliate team WOD today. Been doing a lot of metcon due to travel and such. felt good to play with at least a little weight. 9:52. Can't wait to head over for some hero wodding on Sunday!!

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