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Here's the last of the Regional videos. The dust has settled and our team is training harder than ever. We'll keep you updated as the 2011 CrossFit Games approaches. Good luck team Valley Park. Take it to the podium.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 5 x 5. Alternate skill work on Power Cleans. Alternate with 20 Dumbbell Push Press. Work towards maximum weight and unbroked sets.

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  1. BMJ

    My pleasure doing the videos. It was hard to get good angles since I couldn't go out on the floor. Also, did'nt use my white balance so the colors are off. Love doing it and hope to make them better as I learn more.

  2. Cory

    This will be a memory I will have the rest of my life, videotaping that weekend just makes it that much sweeter because my family and friends get to see all the BA's on my my team carry me thru the entire weekend! Thanks for the time to do this dan.

  3. BMJ

    Just a couple corrections. Janice, that's David on the muscle-ups but no worries. We call him all kinds of weird names in the gym. Cory, NO ONE carried you through that weekend. You carried yourself and made us proud.

  4. Get it, Get it

    Wow!! Thanks Dan for the great videos. Such a great weekend and so much more to come as well. We have a phenomenol team and great support by our coaches, gym members/friends, and family!!! Thank you all for going on this journey with us. Carson here we come!!!

  5. YES YES I did get the name wrong so sorry David. I know it's you…………..Melissa will tell you that my recent memory for names is poor at best. She called and made me practice all the names – the right names so I'm good to go for Carson. I know you must all be working hard to get ready.

  6. Lynn

    I have never seen anyone do KTE's as fast as what Margaret did in this video. Just awesome! Oh, and Jake's burpees weren't exactly slow, either.

  7. Cory

    The best time to record someone is when they don't know about it. Watch Margo while the row. WTF? Classic stuff right there! Weirdo! jk Margo.

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