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Here's a great instructional video on learning the butterfly kip. As CrossFit battled to justify the kipping pull up as more powerful, faster pull-up, someone came up with the butterfly. This really stirred the pot and suddenly people were aksing, "what is a pull-up anymore?" It's simple folks. A pull-up starts from full extenstion and ends with your chin above the bar. How you get there is up to you. Without going into arguments on technique and work capacity, we apply all pull-ups to create fitness. Dead hang, kipping, L-pull, switch hand, butterfly, weighted, one arm, one arm with a beer in the other. It's all good.

The 2010 CrossFit Games Midwest Sectional Women's Sunday Workout – video [wmv] [mov]

This video is great! Take note of a couple cool things. First of all, the woman who was in 1st place ended up winning! She's short, heavy set, strong, and powerful! In a world where skinny fitness models grace magazine covers, it's nice to know you don't have to look like that to kick some butt! The inside of an athlete matters alot more than the outside. Then you will see the mother/daughter team. Quite inspirational. Go ladies!

Friday Strength/Skill Work: OH Lunge (use barbell) 5 X 12 (6 per leg). Work towards a max. weight that you can keep locked overhead. In between each set, work on 1 gymnastic skill of your choice.

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  1. Mike D

    that is a great explanation on how the kipping and butterfly are different and gives me a good idea on how to start working on the butterfly. second, that video is incredible, makes me want to compete or at least get to the level where I can compete like that. truly inspiring

  2. Definitely hits it on the head with the excellent explanation on doing the butterfly pullups…amazing how the leg&hip timing makes them so much easier! Note…I didn't say easy…just easier.. 🙂 And congrats to all who competed last weekend! Great inspirational vid footage!

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