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Here We Go


Here We Go


This is a big upcoming week for CFVP. Stephanie Teague, Director and Head Coach of CFVP Endurance just got done attending the CrossFit Endurance Camp. Look closely and you will see another smiling face. Lisa Moore also attending. Great job ladies! Here is a rundown of the launch from CFVP Endurance. The Endurance classes will be posted on our Mindbody scheduling page. You simply sign up for them as you would regular CrossFit classes.


Are you ready to get started?  Couple of items on the to do list to get ready for next week:

1.  Mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 25th at 7:30pm for the Endurance Program Kick off and Big River Running Shoe Night.  Open to members and non members interested in finding out more about the Endurance classes and shopping for minimalist shoes.  After an overview of the program from Stephanie, Andrew from Big River Running will be talking the pro's and con's of minimalist shoes and bringing shoes to try on and purchase at a special discount.  PLEASE  comment if you plan on attending so I can get an idea of attendance.

2.Dig through your closet and find your winter running gear.  While we are expecting a couple of treadmills soon, you can count on some outside running – so think layers, gloves, a hat, etc.

3.Set some goals.  Figure out what races you want to participate in this year.  Step out of your comfort zone a little – longer road race, triathlon, crazy mud run, we are crossfitters – we don't like comfortable!

4.  Not interested in racing – no worries, come find out how the endurance program can improve your cardio respiratory fitness and  bring new pr's to your WODS.

5.  Think about adding some additions to your crossfit bag of goodies.  Lacrosse ball, small foam roller, sports watch, theraband – all helpful tools of the trade.

6.  Get used to checking the website and make sure to LIKE our Facebook page.  Workouts will be posted daily on the website and group runs, news, race pics, and all team communication will be posted on Facebook.

7.  Rest up and get ready to Run!!

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