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Lumberjack 1a

Lumberjack 1 Lumberjack 3

Lumberjack 4 Lumberjack 5

Here are some pictures from yesterday's fun! The Lumberjack may just be a keeper. As you get exposure to different Metcon workouts, it's a good idea to log your progress. You may not want to write them all down but at least keep track of your favorites. We suggest you keep at least 10 as a way to measure your conditioning and work capacity.

Unless you are a beginner, we encourage you to participate in our Strength/Skill classes as well as our Metcon classes. The Metcon classes give you exposure to longer efforts and "benchmark" workouts that will be repeated. We are currently organizing a new schedule so stay tuned.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 5 X 3. Each set of deadlifts is followed by a max. set of strict ring dips (use bands if needed).


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  1. gnat

    Great job you guys!
    Kudos to you Christina for being the only chic amongst them!
    Amazing that you all didn't turn into popsicles…all those 400 meter runs…with your lungs gasping for air…sucking in all that cold air!
    Again….I have to say…great job!

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