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Here are some pics from our Next Level Challenge cooking event Saturday. This was an "Iron Chef" style battle where both teams got to choose ingredients to creaes some great dishes. The guys battled against the ladies.

Creavity went to the men for some original Bacon wrapped Asparagus. Taste went to the ladies for a well seasoned Pork Loin and a wonderful Peach Salsa. Plating was dead even as both sides presented wonderful looking dishes.

The ladies are declared our winners as the men created an awesome grease fire that ended up scrorching an otherwise beautiful salmon dish.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 5-5-5 alternating with max effort 100 meter rows. Go from the press immediately into the row. Record your rowing times and find out what damper setting and stroke rate make you the fastest. Go back to the OH press 4-4-4 alternating with max effort 6 cone touches. Work on changing directions and acceleration. You will need partners to help you keep times.

9 Responses

  1. Bridget

    Luke. that was no "flare" – that was a blazing fire!

    A big thanks to "someone" for purchasing the food, supplying the large variety of condiments, and making sure we had dishes & utensils for the meal. That had to be a major undertaking! Thank You!

  2. Mike D

    The grease fire added a crisp to the bacon covered asparagus while charring the skin from the salmon which fell off the meat like butter. If guys knew how to put together a peach savice we would have taken the whole damn thing. Fire was also for show, like Luke said. Diplomacy be damned.

  3. Christy F

    At least Dan ignored the fireWOMEN who told him to shut the lid and let it all burn or we wouldn't of had salmon at all. All the food was awesome! Thanks to everyone who took part in making this happen. Also a special thanks to Kim for bringing the red wine.

  4. kim

    Nice and fun time. Big thank you to Herb, Dan, Brandon who went out shopped for the food and brought in all the supplies needed.
    We all are winners but that pork loin will be on members forum soon….lol

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