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Kara, tracy, and mel 

Kara, kendrick, and mel 


Here are some great pics of Kara Funk, Melissa Hurley, Tracy Fober, and Kendrick Farris from the CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open. Kendrick is a world class Olympic lifter. Check out this video of a Clean and Jerk at 211 Kg. That's 465 pounds! And yes, that is a squat jerk. Unreal.

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: Gymnastics Work. Alternate with a Pull (pull-ups, body rows), Push (ring dips, ring push-ups), Core (skin the cat, levers, L-sit, etc.), and Stabilize (handstands, planche, etc.)

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  1. jake

    i may be wrong, but i'm pretty sure that dan said kendrick weighs ~187 lbs!!! he just C&Jed 250% of his bodyweight!!! i would be happy just to deadlift that.

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