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Here are some clips from this week's lifting. The girls continue to entertain us with some solid stuff. Janet gets the "bleep" award. Missed lifts come with an automatic expletive. But hey….that's exactly how it feels to miss an attempt.

The guys continue to make some solid progress. One common thing we tend to see more of with the guys is lack of flexibility. The smallest things make the biggest differences. Elbow/Torso position will determine a solid rack position in the bottom of your clean. The very bottom is where the weight will try to bury you. This is where you have to tighten up and fight. Dave Christensen is getting strong and hitting PR's. His flexibility is coming along and he is looking solid. Dan DeWeese continues to PR weekly. He beat his previous PR of #210 by hitting #215, #220, and #225. Great job everyone. Keep up the good work.