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Have you ever thought of running as a skill? If not, you should. We work on alot of short distance running, with emphasis on speed. Running is ballistic on the joints and the heel strike sends shockwaves up through your whole body. This is worth further investigation and a plan to make you all better runners.

The POSE running technique seems to be the choice in the CrossFit Community. Take some time to read about it and we will begin to impose some instruction to get you better at this overlooked skill.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: 3 Exercise circuit.  Deadlift 4 X 4, Behind the neck press 4 X 4, weighted sit-up 4 X 12.   

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  1. Mike D

    I very much would like to learn how to run better, mix with breathing technique and I might tryout for the rams next year.

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