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Happy Birthday Darby!


Happy Birthday Darby!

Darby 2

Darby 1

Birthday wishes going out to Darby Seymour! Happy Birthday and keep up the great work. We are taking several teams to the 2nd Affiliate Team Challenge at CrossFit TNT. Darby will be on a team.  Many of our athletes will be competing for the first time. Several people have only been doing CrossFit for a short time. I'm proud to say everyone of them said "yes" when asked if they wanted to compete! We encourage everyone, regardless of experience, to participate in these events. It builds confidence, integrates you into the community, and it's something that you do for YOU! Certain events will be technically harder than others but something will come up that you can do. When the time comes, be ready to accept the challenge!

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 4 X 6, Ring Push Up Variations


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