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Happy B-Day Sharon Dailey!


Happy B-Day Sharon Dailey!

Sharon D

The only time you may catch Sharon Dailey without a smile is directly related to box jumps. Sharon will be the first one to introduce herself, cheer you on, and give you a big high five when you're done. She brings an incredible warmth to our gym and today is her Birthday! Happy Birthday Sharon from all of us.

Our Fight Gone Bad fundraiser is this Saturday. We will start the event at 10 a.m. Heats will begin shortly after.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 5 X 3, Chin-ups

W.O.D. "Sharon"

-For time, 1000 Box Jumps (30" box)

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  1. Melissa

    Happy Birthday, Sharon. I'm delighted we've been on this workout journey together : ) I hope you have a wonderful day. Eat lots of cake and ice cream~you can work it off doing box jumps…hee, hee!

  2. Corey

    Happy Birthday Sharon!! It is great having you around the gym. You are very inspirational!! By the way that W.O.D looks like a nightmare haha!`

  3. Sharon

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Great way to celebrate this birthday and many more – healthy and strong – THANKS to the CFVP Family – you guys are the best!!

    And also got the best birthday gift – box jumps for the WOD – Yikes!!!!

    Orie, we all miss you too – see you soon!!!

  4. Court

    Happy Birthday Sharon! I hope it was wonderful. Don't forget that if a cake has your name on it, it has no calories. It's true.
    I miss you – haven't quite been able to find anyone like you and Melissa at CF Central! Hooray for box jumps.

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