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Trey and Raelynn

"Hangin out with some L-sits"

Trey Dowell got his benchmark 3 rep O.H. Press max today and best his old PR by 15 lbs! That is a huge jump in only 9 weeks. Nice job Trey.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Bent Over Rows, 4 sets. You can use a barbell or single arm with a kettlebell. Alternate with OH Squats 4 X 5. If you struggle with technique, stay LIGHT and work on grooving the movement.

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  1. Melissa Hurley

    AWESOME JOB TREY!!!! Amazing jump, you might have Dan beat on this one ;0)

    Great L-sits both of you. Very nice form.

  2. Dan F

    Good job on the L-sits! And yes, Trey probably has me on the OH press increase. I have to let him win at something, right?

    Melissa H – great row yesterday! Impressive time (7:43), right? We will see if Trey can beat your time…

  3. Trey

    I'm not smiling because I'm trying to channel my internal Christina! I wanna be Terminator-esque! 😉 Raelynn, on the other hand, looks like she's having WAY too much fun!!

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