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Hand Care


Hand Care


Torn hands are not cool. It is painful and only delays training. You will develop callouses. This is a good thing. This toughens the skin to tolerate grip and force. We want them to prevent blisters and to condition soft skin. It is almost inevitable that you will eventually rip one open. As you train, the callous will get bigger. This provides more of a "shelf" that will create more pull against the skin as you put force into whatever you're holding. However, with proper hand care, the prevention and reduced severity of the injury will let you train harder with more consistency. The idea is to keep the callous but trim it down. The following is the most effective and easy way to keep your hands tough and injury free.

  • Always wash your hands after training. You will want to remove the chalk which will dry out the hands.
  • Get a callous remover. Don't get the razor blade tool. Get the one that has a rasp on one side and an emory board on the other. Simply file down the hand until it is smooth yet still tough. Then use the emory board to further smooth it out.
  • Get a good lotion and keep the hands moist after treatment. Bag Balm is ideal. 
  • A pumice stone is good to keep around as well. It's not as aggressive as the rasp but can be used periodically.