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“Guts and Determination Define the 4th Affiliate Cup”


“Guts and Determination Define the 4th Affiliate Cup”

1st placed Rx'd 

2nd place Rx'd 

3rd place Rx'd 

1st place scaled 

2nd place scaled 
3rd place scaled 


Chris and Gnat 

We'll try to keep this short. First of all, congrats to all the awesome athletes who left it on the floor today! Thank you to all volunteers and judges who did such a great job. Jake Howard did a spectacular job as head judge and Trey was the "mathman" with the scorekeeping.

The weather made us prove we're CrossFitters! The levee WOD was in question as lightning, wind, and rain made it a sloppy mess. The teams didn't seem to mind! Our new sandbags (given away as rewards) were quickly turned into sopping bags covered in mud and the rain prevented any video coverage. "The Posers" from CrossFit Valley Park simply crushed the Levee WOD. The excitement and drama had just begun.  The day moved on with some intimidating individual WOD's and 2 more grueling team events. Again, "The Posers" took the top spot with Kirkwood getting 2nd in the workout. The individuals showed us some serious strength as Mark Platsnik ripped through "The Reckoning" in 4:34. Jake Howard and David Corthwaite made it a race finishing at 5:00 and 5:01. Jake simply left the field behind as he saved his fury for the 2nd workout, "The Grudge." Mike Walerius and Brian Shu were right behind. A big shout out to the only females in the individual competition. Christina Thacker and Natalie Sayers really brought it with amazing performances. Christina managed all 4 kettlebell lifts, with time expiring to only count the first 3. The girls placed with only 8 seconds seperating them.

Valley Park expresses their pride and thanks to all St. Louis Affiliates who brought such great athletes to compete. It was simply incredible to see so many awesome performances. As usual, some of the struggles and grit really made the highlight reel. People of all different ages and abilities showed one of the greatest inspirations…..HEART! Despite a few mishaps in procedures, the day went smoothly. Thank you all!

Prescribed Division: 1st Place: Valley Park "Posers" 2nd Place: Valley Park "Relentless" 3rd Place: Kirkwood "KirknAssWood"

Scaled Division: 1st Place: Valley Park "Grand Funk Railroad" 2nd Place: TNT "Dick Simmons" 3rd Place: South City "Eazy Weight"

Individuals: 1st Place: Jake Howard (Valley Park) 2nd Place: Mark Platsnik (Kansas City) 3rd Place: David Corthwaite (Valley Park)

Download Affiliate Cup Results 2010 Sept

-Scores from the first 2 team workouts are total seconds. The third workout in total reps.

17 Responses

  1. paul c

    Thanks to VP for hosting and keeping this fun going. I had an absolute blast. So many people putting everything they had into it. CrossFit truly brings out the guts and heart in everyone and I am proud to have witnessed it.

    Kudos to all who particapated and congratulations to those who won and placed.

  2. Brenna

    You guys did an awesome job hosting! I had loads of fun competing and cheering everyone on! hope to see you at another Friday Night Lights soon :]

  3. Melissa Schwab

    I had so much fun hanging out, competing, and just plain crossfitting with you all! What a blast. So grateful to all those who volunteered their time to make it happen, and an extra kudos to Dan. Just an Awesome day!

  4. Leeny Hoffmann

    Way to go CFVP! You guys put on one heck of a show! Our teams had a blast at the Cup games today and the performances by all were nothing less than inspiring. Thank you for all the hard work and planning that went into putting this together. Good stuff!

  5. gnat

    Awesome job to all the athletes that competed! Even in the rain people were smiling & laughing! Thanks to all those that came out to help judge & cheer! It was another great day at CFVP & glad to be a part of it! Christina….you don't need those pink guns on your socks girl…you've got some nice guns of your own! 😉

  6. Nancy

    Thanks CFVP for hosting a great event! Thanks to all the volunteers! And to all Crossfitters that competed yesterday…AWESOME JOB! Can't wait to do it again!

  7. Frosh

    What an awesome event!!! And what a pleasure to be surrounded by such inspiring athletes all day long. Great job on the event CFVP, I'm looking forward to the next one!

  8. Billy

    Thanks for hosting the event CFVP. It was awesome to see the teams cheering each other on even as they were competing. Cross Fit is awesome and so is VP. Thanks

  9. Sharon

    Congratulations to all the athletes – everyone was outstanding!!! Thanks CFVP – astounding event!! Big thanks to all the judges, volunteers, and everyone who came to watch!!

  10. Kara Funk

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!! I was so glad to have been there and be a part of it. You are all AWESOME! So proud of us CFVP, And all our fellow friends from other affiliates. Everyone brought their game face!

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