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"Guess Who"

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 5 X 5. Follow each set immediately with 5 max. height jump squats. Alternate with weighted push-ups or regular push-ups for max. reps. Use sandbags or weight plates for adding weight.

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  1. MShaw

    The guy in the picture is too small to be Dan Furnas. Dan Furnas is a MONSTER of a man, who shoots lazers out of his eyes and breathes fire, and wouldn't need 2 hands to slam a puny 45lb ball…

  2. Trey

    It CANNOT be Furnas, as he would crush the ball between his hands like a flimsy aluminum can. I'd say Brian Rouse, who is incapable of crushing anything, let alone aluminum.

  3. Dan F

    Mike D,
    At some point, I hope to join the shirtless crew like you did today! I can loan you one of my blue shirts if you feel that will make you faster at "Margaret".

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