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Great Job CFVP


Great Job CFVP

Mike e

Well the first Sectional WOD is in the books. Perhaps we should have a "burpee free" week. That was a tough opening workout. We had a huge turnout Saturday. Many members came out to do it a second time as well. Team CFVP has 34 members…many of them new athletes. We had MANY scores over 100 and in the 90's. That is very impressive. We are very proud to have such a strong representation of our gym. We applaud everyone for your efforts and support. We hope you're having as much fun as we are.  

Team CFVP stands in 30th place (note: the ranking is currently changing as the leaderboard is finalized) in the North Central Region. This is out of 130 total teams. Remember the top 30 earn a spot at the North Central Regional. We'd like to pass on a few special performance notes.

  • The top 3 male and female scores make up your team score. Our top 6 were Margaret Junker (120), Melissa Hurley (116), Stephanie Teague (102), Louis Clough (113), Sebastian Perez (112), and Stephen Cooper (110). Awesome job.
  • The 50-55 Masters Division has 754 athletes! Neil Zimmerman is among an incredibly touch field and sits at 161. That is great Neil. Keep up the hard work.

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  1. Old Zim

    Thanks for the kind words. I benefit from the desire to futilely keep up with my daughter. Great job Kelz (aka Baby Z)!!! Keep rocking the WODS!!!

  2. I can't wait till than I have a few people I want to itnvie so if there is limited space please let me know and is there going to be a cost or do we need to bring something with us?

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