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Flying Herb 

John Foam Pit Chris  Orie 7

Kyle  Courtney 

Ella  Ella 2

Gymnastics is the ultimate in body control. Getting good at bodyweight skills will prepare you for any exercises performed in the gym. Getting a chance to play at a real gymnastics center is a real treat and we owe Kim Wilkes a big thanks for letting us come workout at Generation Gymnastics/CrossFit St. Charles. My first thought as I enter this massive gym is…"I want one." Perhaps one of the coolest things we did was to practice bounding, tumbling, jumping, and flipping. Everyone had a chance to get airborne and defy gravity. The foam pit provides a soft and safe place to land. Along with some excellent forward flips, some of the guys actually climbed the rope, grabbed the girder, and fell. Chris almost got his first muscle up and Kyle displayed some advanced ring movements. Great job everyone and I predict more visits in the future to defy gravity!

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