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Gravity Part II


Gravity Part II

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I just couldn't resist putting up some more pictures of our flying Crossfitters. Everyone has been talking about how much fun we had at CrossFit St. Charles.

Our class programming this week will have a strength emphasis. The hour classes will focus on squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. It is important to remember that when we address building strength, we will typically be working in a certain repetition range. That range is a low number; usually 3-6. So how does this affect your choice of resistance? For most of you, this means it goes up! I indicated "most" because this is not something that would be suited for someone who doesn't have good movement, base strength, mid line stability, and/or poor flexibility. The idea is to have enough weight to stimulate adaptive response (gains in strength) but will still allow you to complete the desired number of repetitions. You must have a starting point and a pretty good idea of where you may end. If you have no idea, we need to find a system that will remind you. This is the goal of your success journal.

Here's another fitness routine that is fresh off the presses. KANGOO!   This workout claims it is 80% less impact. Less than what? It also claims that since you are boucing against gravity, it's like twice your bodyweight, so you burn twice as many calories. If I am bouncing, isn't it always against gravity? It also says that if you have injuries, are post-surgical, or can't run, you can still do this because there is no impact. It's like walking on air. This one is worth a watch.

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