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Gotta Love O-Lifting!


Gotta Love O-Lifting!

O Lifting 

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Big thanks go out to coach Fober! Our first weightlifting class was packed. You all got to learn some basic fundamentals of Olympic lifting. The technical nature of this sport requires patience and practice. These movements require more physical skill than most. Flexibility, power, strength, balance, timing, and awareness are a must. The reward is much improved athleticism. There is no doubt that taking time to learn these lifts will have a huge skill transfer benefit to other exercises. Your overhead squat, push press, push jerk, front squat, squat, and deadlift will all improve. Not to mention they are just plain fun! Embrace these dynamic movements.

If you take your barbell work seriously, you will appreciate the benefits of weightlifting shoes. The sturdy construction and elevated heel provide huge benefit. You have to wear them to really appreciate how "squishy" you tennis shoes are. They are worth the investment. Here are a couple links to websites where  you can purchase them. While Adidas makes a great shoe, VS Athletics offers a more economical choice.

Dynamic Eleiko

VS Athletics  

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  1. Corey

    Last night was a blast. Thanks so much Coach for breaking things down for us. It is great to learn from someone like you and I took a lot away from it. Can not way to learn more from you. Thanks again

  2. Corey

    I want to say thanks a lot to coach. I had a lot of fun a learned several things that will help me improve my clean. Thanks again

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