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Good Times


Good Times

HOA event

HOA event 4

HOA event 3 

HOA event 2

That's really what it's all about. A series of posts about this past weekend's event cannot do it justice. I really think we need a sports writer to sum up these events! It was fun, inspirational, breathtaking, energetic, emotional, and epic from the word "go." The list to thank is long but thank you Jeremy, Jessi, Grant, Brian, and all of your crew for making everyone feel right at home. Thank you judges, volunteers, firefighters, and supporters. None of this is possible without you. Everything went so well. Even the rain waited until Sunday afternoon.

A special congrats goes out to CrossFit SOMO for winning the "Spirit of the Games" award. If you have ever doubted yourself or thought you couldn't compete, you should have seen this group. They never waivered as they competed against the very best of athletes in the state. Nothing stopped them from giving it their best. We each took a piece of what they gave and it makes us richer. You all define this great community. If you didn't get goosebumps or shed a tear as they recieved that award, you weren't there to witness it.

For our members who wished you were there to cheer us on, don't worry. You were there. Remember that when you train with us, you become a part of us, and every little piece lives within us as we give it out best. Thank you! 

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 4 X 6, Push Press 2 X 3, KB snatches


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  1. jake howard

    i just want to say i was thoroughly impressed with CFVP team 2 this weekend. corey, chris, bob, melanie, and nikki all performed amazingly. i believe all of them PR'ed on C&J. after each wod you could tell they gave it everything they had. when corey came sprinting back in on the last 800 it got me so amped up and ready to go. awesome job this weekend guys!

    i think bob looked pretty sad that he didnt get to do the last workout with the team. to cheer him up maybe we should have him do it next weekend and we'll all watch while eating pancakes! 🙂

  2. Chris

    I wish I could've been there to cheer everyone on. There is nothing better than watching people achieve what they never thought was possible. Nice work everyone!

  3. Chris Carrier

    One word keeps coming to mind, and it's "inspirational"..It really was a great weekend and a ton of "fun". I never knew fun could be so painful..? And I really believed that Sunday chipper would be easier than it was, as dumb as that may sound. Jake, I can't wait to get back @ it this week and work on the butterfly pullups! Thanks for your tips, you make it look so easy! And speaking of pancakes, I stopped @ Bob Evans and had a double order of Blueberry Crepes to reward my aching muscles..although I'm not sure that's what they really needed..?? Thanks to all the CF family that screamed/rooted us on too, as I am sure their vocal cords are as sore as our bodies are today.

  4. melanie

    Thank you all for such a great weekend, I had so much fun! Cfvp1, awsome, it is so cool to watch you all perform! To my team, GREAT JOB!! Bobbio with those c&j, Chris and all those pullups, Nikki and all the thrusters she took on and Corey, awesome run, what guts! Love you all!!

  5. Karen

    What a great weekend!!! I have to repeat what Jake said regarding CF Team 2, you guys were tough and it showed! Scaled?? No, that is not were you 5 belonged! I was so impressed with your determination and it was so much fun watching you guys pr on c&J's! You girls were great and I loved screaming at you both doing those burpees and sdhp in that 2nd wod – you never quit!!

    I can't say enough about my team! Everyone pulled their weight, except when Brody started walking the last 400m of the 800m run, we didn't mean all those bad things we were screaming at you, it was reverse psychology! You rocked Brody and yes that was a tough wod, proof, I got confused on my OHSQ and started doing thrusters!! Who does that in a competition???

    All the CFVP family that was there supporting us and those of you at home, we felt your support and were so happy to bring the trophy home to our box!!! Can't wait to do it again!

    And much thanks goes out to the CFSpringfield group, talk about good people, wonderful hosts. And as well to Brandon, Dan and Herb for cohosting, you guys are the best!!!

  6. Saturday, November 21st. Bob Rowan will be taking on the Heart of America Final chipper WOD. 800 M run, 50 OH Squats, 50 KB swings, 50 Box Jumps, 50 Toe to Bar, 50 Thrusters, 50 pull-ups, 800 M run. I will be making pancakes for spectators. Good luck Bobbio? Is that a pet name?

  7. Margaret

    Thanks to CF Springfield for hosting!! You all did an awesome job with this event! Thanks to CFVP for all the support…I'm so grateful to be a part of such an awesome program…even though I'm gone most of the time 🙁 I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I was proud to represent CFVP!
    Great job to both teams, everyone showed some serious determination and it was inspiring!!
    And Karen, only you would do the wrong exercise and laugh about it while I'm there screaming at you. Looking forward to the next one!!!

  8. Corey

    I just wanted to say that while team 2 did not place as high as we would have liked every person on the team did AWESOME. Mel and Nikki had to do all three workouts and never slowed up. They had also just recently learned clean and jerks and looked awesome. Bob dominated both of his workouts and gave it all he had through that tough 2nd W.O.D. Chris was awesome on that 3rd W.O.D. Once my shoulders went out he really picked me up to finish those Thrusters and knock out those toes to bar and pull ups. All in all it was an great weekend and I am very proud of my team.

    Also, great job team 1 for bringing home the trophy. You guys kicked butt. However, I think that Jake should have to do weighted pull ups next time just to make it fare. He makes those look way way way to easy.

  9. Bob

    Wowsa , Wowsa, Wowsa !!! This group is a bunch of serious FREAKS !!!! Jake , that was not saddness on my face . That was being deep in prayer that nobody would get hurt thereby forcing me to go in. I am also feeling some bitterness over my pancake breakfast Sunday morning while everyone competing was eating soooo healthy . Well tough SH@#. Christina has a plan to wipe me off the face of this earth and I guarantee instead I will be dining on her pancakes with Chris's Mrs. Buttersworth . Chris where DID you get my prom pic?? My mom gave it to you didnt she. Crossfit 1 Rocked the House. Crossfit 2 nothin but scrappers. Way to work hard team . Crossfit Valley park Fam. Coaches and Owners what a gift you all are !!!!

  10. Bob

    One last thing …. Something is seriously wrong with the members of Crossfit Valley Park and I just noticed it after reviewing all the pictures. This club has WAY too much hair !!!!! It looks stupid !!!!!

  11. Nikki Cepicky

    What an unbelievable weekend we just had. I was so proud to be a part of CFVP, I just could not wipe the smile off my face after we finished up on Sunday. It is so inspiring to see what people are capable of when they are pushed to their limits!!

  12. Karen

    I really didn't appreciate being screamed at by my daughter while I was zoning on that last wod!! But thanks dear, you helped me refocus! And I witnessed the pancake feast by Bob, the food coma set in and we had our warmup for the 3rd wod by carrying Bob out to the car!!! I was jealous, the pancakes looked soooo good!!!

  13. Brody

    Bobbio like guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea this is true. Its sad that Bob has to get attention the website since he does not have any friends or family that like him! Hey bobbio….do you feel better? I have never seen a person have sooooo much roid rage, I mean road rage in my life coming home this sunday. Geez old bald man Bob! Easy, take a deep breath.

  14. VP and Springfield worked really hard to put a great event together. From the food to the gym, to the trophies(like the one we have at our gym)and everything else in between!

    Both teams did a great job!Keep up the great work… Just remember, we are coming to get cha!!

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