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Good Luck Guys!


Good Luck Guys!


Jon Levy, Chris Abraham, and Troy Hupp are on their way to Texas for the 2009 CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier. We wish you guys the best of luck. May the hopper be kind to you!

We are seeing many different movements coming up at the regionals. I think it's great to see CrossFit applying more than just thrusters, pull-ups, deadlifts, cleans, burpees, and running. We recognize and preach the value of exercise variety. When it comes to the hopper, the more the merrier. Odds have it that new movements will prove to be the most difficult. Remember exercises are skill and they are honed with practice and consistency. Learning and practicing difficult movements will do more for your fitness than focusing on your strengths.

Speaking of new movements, stay tuned for information on an upcoming workshop. We're going to learn some new bodyweight, sandbag, and kettlebell movements.

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  1. Jon

    Live update from Fort Worth:

    WOD 1 was 3 rounds: 10 reps of 155lb squat clean & jerk, 500m row.

    Troy finished in 16:__ and is in the running.

    Chris and I did not finish in the 20 minute limit, so we're out of the running but still planning on destroying the next two.

    I completed two rounds + 3 clean & jerks.

    Chris completed two rounds + 6 clean & jerks. His cleans looked better than ever.

    Neither of us has cleaned more than 155. (We probably could I suppose, but haven't to date.) Chris had never put 155 over his head until doing it 26 times this morning (28 if you count the warmup reps).

    So all and all, we're proud of the WOD, and we're coming back on fire for the affiliate tryouts.

    Bring it, Brandon and Orie!

  2. Chris

    Another update from Fort Worth:

    WOD 2 was 50 chest to bar pullups, 50 chest to ground burpees. All reps must be complete in 15 minutes.

    Troy was first up and finished in a little over 9 minutes.

    I was next up and finished in 10:06. Sadly, both of hands are completely demolished.

    Jon had a blazing fast time of 6:30!

    A few standouts were Dutch Lowy with a 3:14 and Lance Cantu at 3:35.

    We've been plagued by rain all day today and according to the forecast it looks like we'll have more rain tomorrow.

  3. dan thacker

    Hey guys, Awesome job on the clean and jerks!!! That is unreal considering the limited practice with that kind of weight. Truly inspiring. The pull-up/burpee WOD is my worst nightmare. Best of luck tomorrow!!!

  4. Jon

    Last workout:
    21-15-9 reps for time:
    24" box jump
    1.5 (1) pood kettlebell swing
    95lb (65lb) sumo deadlift high-pull

    Chris– 6:20
    Jon– 7:57
    Troy– 5:35

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